IEC05-BV Wire


Constructed of single-core bare copper wire and PVC insulation, the IEC05-BV wire is used for internal wiring of power and lighting systems. It is produced according to the standard of GB5023.3-2008 or IEC 60227-3:1997. Its rated voltage and temperature are 300/500V and 70℃, respectively.


Our product has three different specifications with the nominal section of 0.5 mm2, 0.75 mm2 and 1.0 mm2. The product with the nominal section of 0.5 mm2 uses one bare copper wire with the outer diameter of 0.8mm as the conductor. Its outer diameter of insulation layer is 2.05mm. Maximum DC resistance of conductor at 20℃ is 36.0Ω, 24.5Ω and 18.1Ω respectively, and the minimum insulation resistance is 0.015Ω, 0.012Ω and 0.011Ω. Our products have high security, strong applicability and long service life. Welcome to purchase.

Conductor Insulation Max. DC resistance of conductor Min. insulation resistance
Nominal section Construction Outer diameter Thickness Outer diameter
mm2 NO./mm mmmm mm Ω/km,20℃ MΩ/km,20℃
0.5 1/0.8 / 0.6 2.05 36.0 0.015
0.75 1/0.98 / 0.6 2.2 24.5 0.012
1.0 1/1.13 / 0.6 2.35 18.1 0.011

As a China-based IEC05-BV wire manufacturer and supplier, we provide not only IEC electric wire / cable, but also UL wire / cable, CCC plug, VDE wire and cable, DC plug, and much more.

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