UL1056 Wire


The UL1056 wire is constructed of 20 to 10 AWG stranded bare or tinned copper conductor and lead-free PVC insulation. The insulation is uniform and is thus easy to peel and cut off. Our product has passed UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 horizontal and vertical flame test and has resistance to acid, alkali and oil, moisture and mould proofing and other characteristics, which is suitable for the internal wiring of electrical and electronic equipment.

TypeConductorInsulationStandard lengthConductor resistance at 20℃
AWGConstructionThicknessOverall diameterBritish systemMetric systemUncoated copperTinned copper
UL 10562021/0.1801.524.00±0.10200061034.636.7

Our company provides UL1056 wire with the rated temperature of 105℃ and the rated voltage of 600V. These products meet the standards of UL758, UL1581 and CSA C22.NO.210, which have reliable quality. The product with 20AWG conductor adopts 21 stranded bare or tinned copper wires with the diameter of 0.18mm. Its resistance at 20℃ is 34.6 Ω/Km for the uncoated copper and is 36.7 Ω/Km for the tinned copper, showing good transmission property. Moreover, there is little amount of heat, ensuring safe the effective operation of equipment. In addition, each coil of our product is 610m or 305m, which facilitates application.

As a specialized UL1056 wire manufacturer in China, Yong Sheng also offers UL20276 multicore computer cable, UL20862 spring insulated wire, waterproof DC plug, IEC75-RVVY flexible cable, and more.

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