Founded in 2003, Dongguan Yongsheng Cables Company Ltd. is a high standard electric cable and plug manufacturer in China. Various types of electrical plugs provided by our company include that manufactured in accordance with CCC, VDE, and UL/CSA standards. Our electrical wire and cables are available with UL, IEC, and VE specifications. These products are widely utilized by industries such as power, chemical, electrical, construction, shipbuilding, etc. Yongsheng Cables Company has obtained the National Industrial Production license as well as ISO9001 certification.

Our production facilities are outfitted with imported production lines and testing instruments while our laboratories are fully certified by CCC, UL and VDE. Operated by a dedicated staff that consists of experienced senior technicians and responsible employees, the quality of our products are assured. Strictly adhering to national GB and JB production standards, we can manufacture cables and plugs based on specifications such as BS, IEC, JIS, CUL, and VDE. All relevant certifications have been obtained. In addition, our products satisfy both RoHS and REACH environment protection standards.

Located within the Dalang Town of Dongguan City at the prosperous Pearl River Delta, our company owns private property that spans across 10,000 square meters. In the pursuit of global integration, Yongsheng Cables Company will continue to conduct business with the aim of creating mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to long term cooperation. We wish to promote innovation and become a research and production hub for China's wire and cable industry. We believe that the quality of our electrical wire, DC plug, and other related product is a testament to our credibility and ergo our professional image, and treat it as such.

For select products, samples are offered free of charge, but the freight fee should be shouldered by the client. For more specialized products, we charge for samples but the fee will be offset in the case where it is followed by a confirmed order. The ETA for deliver is guaranteed within 20 to 25 days. The shelf life of products is 3 to 5 years when stored in the proper environment. Our research and development team can assist with the design of products based on client side specifications. OEM service is available upon request.

2003 our company was founded
2004 we obtained the CC wire and cable certificate
2005 we obtained the UL certificate for electric wire and power wire. We also successfully passed the UL certification for PU spring wire, becoming its first certified producer in Asia.
2007 new sales offices were established in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and other major locations.
2008 Chongqing Yatong Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary.
2009 Dongguan Yaguan Plastic Co., Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary.

Main Products
  • IEC Electric Wire / Cable Dongguan Yongsheng Cables Co., Ltd. produces a variety of IEC electric wires or cables, such as IEC01(RV), IEC05(BV), IEC07(BV-90), IEC53(RVV), IEC71F(TVVB), etc. Meeting the standard of GB5023.3-2008, IEC 60227-3:1997, GB5023.7-2008, or IEC 60227-7:2003, all these products are suitable for the Chinese market and the Asian market. Conductor of the products is single or stranded bare copper wires, which have good conductive property..
  • UL Wire / Cable Our company produces various types of UL wires and cables, such as UL1617 insulated type, UL20276 multicore computer type, SPT type, UL1015 type, UL2468 parallel flat type, UL2576 PVC shielded type, etc. Produced according to standards of UL62, UL758, UL1581 and CSA C22.2, our products have obtained UL certification and have been exported to the United States and Canada...